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I am a second generation composites technician, the sole proprietor to PCI, LLC and my name is Timothy Paradis. My father Eric, was educated at IYRS and passed down his knowledge to me of this trade through books and hands on training growing up. 

My career in the composites industry started at the age of 16, in the year 2011, building structures using advanced methods of composite manufacturing and custom fabrication at Composite Energy Technologies. Without them giving me the benefit of the doubt growing up and always believing in me, none of this would be possible today. I learned to first do an overhaul on a decommissioned racing sailboat; The Falcon 2000, now a luxury cruising yacht that currently sails the Atlantic to this day.

  Alongside CET to provide the highest of quality finish applications and coatings during that period were Buck, Andy and the Itchiban Yacht Painters crew; to all of which, I owe a mega shout out to for allowing me to learn so much about finish applications on structures!

From 2015 to 2019 I worked for Amaral Custom Fabrications, out of the historic Phillipsdale Landing in Rumford, RI. There I learned techniques in metal fabrication, machining and also, some more composite structural fabrication. The client base consisted of various world known artists and foundations. An additional responsibility of mine while there, was to apply finish paint to structures using various coating materials and application methods. There, I was also able to hone in my attention to detail on parts and finishes that would be suitable for some of the most prestigious artwork around the globe.

In April of 2019, CMT Materials became the place I worked which would initiate me to start this company.   The high quality standards of material performance, finished products, the atmosphere and culture created by the original owners and maintained within the team, was nothing short of an incredibly positive inspiration. The company was always eager to help employees reach their goals and generously give back to the community.

Today, I am employed by Fiberglass Fabricators Inc. building composite structures that are responsible for adding and upgrading to our worlds infrastructure. Primarily, we help improve the conditions in which one of our most important resources (water) is moved around safely and efficiently be treated, stored and more!

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